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Heatons Therapy, CBT in Stockport

About CBT

Anxiety and depression can affect our view of the future. Each day may feel meaningless or full of worry. We can also end up feeling isolated, overwhelmed and alone. It can seem as if anxiety and depression has taken over and it often affects our relationships, our sleep, our work and how we view ourselves. We may feel like as though we’re trying lots of different things but nothing seems to be working. 


We may also feel stuck in a negative cycle of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help us identify these cycles and explore how we might break them. It is a type of talking therapy and uses a practical approach where the focus is very much on the here and now and developing new coping strategies moving forward.


CBT is highly effective and there are a large amount of scientific studies that provide evidence that it is a reliable and long-lasting treatment for many conditions. It is recommended by the NHS and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) for depression and a wide range of anxiety problems.


Sessions with Heatons Therapy are non-judgmental and allow you the opportunity to talk through your issues with someone outside of your circle of family and friends. CBT can help us navigate through difficult times in our lives and look towards a more positive future.


See the links below for more information on CBT.


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